Paracord Lanyard Magnesium Fire Starter: Ferro Rod Metal Striker For Camping Home & Kitchen: Ideal Gear For Hiking Campsites Cabins RVs Fireplaces Emergency Survival Kit – Waterproof All Weather Ready

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ALL WEATHER FIRE STARTER: Trust the Alpha Encender fire starter to get the job done wherever you are, whenever you need it. Light fires for your family campsite, solo hike, fishing trip, home fireplace, or anywhere you need to build a fire quickly and safely. Best of all, our fire starter is designed to work in any weather. From steady rain to driving snow to humid climates, a proper fire is just sparks away. PARACORD LANYARD: Thanks to our paracord lanyard, you don’t have to worry about losing any piece of this fire starter kit. The magnesium rod, ferro rod, and metal striker are kept together so that no piece is misplaced, dropped on the trail, or lost in the grass. Paracord is strong lightweight, resists fraying and will hold up in the elements. GENUINE MAGNESIUM: Whether you’re camping in the middle of nowhere or in your den in the middle of winter, you want your fire starter to work the very first time. Our fire starter features a genuine magnesium rod, which will reliably provide you with the sparks to get your fire going. Magnesium works especially well in wet and damp environments, just the places you’ll need to stay warm and dry. FERRO ROD: Ferrocerium is a must of any fire starter kit. Made of a synthetic pyrophoric alloy, ferro sparks easily to get your kindling or foliage-infused tinder lit immediately. No more endlessly hitting a flint in frustration as the sun sets. Simply tap the metal striker on the ferro rod, and light and warmth is only seconds away. 15,000 STRIKES:Those who love the outdoors will love the Alpha Encender. It’s rated for 15,000 strikes, enabling you to get a fire going trip after trip. Take it camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, down the trail, up the mountain, and everywhere else you want to roam knowing that a fire is no more than a strike away.-Aspen Ridge Sports Fire Starter -Magnesium -Ferro Rod


  • ALL WEATHER FIRE STARTERS: The Alpha Encender fire starter is designed to spark and light your fires every time for camping, hiking, biking and home use, no matter how wet, dry, hot or cold it gets
  • PARACORD LANYARD: We’ve included each component of our fire starter on a paracord lanyard, strung together so that you don’t lose parts in the woods or during your travels when you’ll need them most
  • GENUINE MAGNESIUM: A reliable all weather spark begins with a real magnesium rod, which will fuel flames during rainy summer camps, inside humid cabins, even on cold hikes through the outdoors
  • FERRO ROD: We’ve also included a ferrocerium rod, the versatile lighter that produces a shower of hot sparks when paired with our efficient metal striker to get your campfire and fireplace blazing
  • 15,000 STRIKES: The ferro rod is good for 15,000 strikes, making our fire starters one of the best accessories for your camping gear, hiking supplies, cabin, first aid kit, fireplace mantel, RV & boat

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