4 PACK Multifunctional Paracord Bracelet, ECVILLA Outdoor Survival Kit Parachute Cord Buckle W Compass Flint Fire Starter Scraper Whistle for Hiking Camping Emergency More

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THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TOOL – ECVILLA Paracord Bracelet Imagine the following scenario: You and your friends are on camping trip and dressed up in just shorts and with your backpack at the campsite you start your trip. A few miles down the river an unexpected current suddenly throws you body. Wet, left alone you realize that you are in trouble and the only thing that you have with you is what you have on you – your Paracord bracelet. Night is approaching fast. You start feeling cold and notice you have problems with your hand coordination. You have to do something fast to get your body temperature up. You manage to gather some kindling and wood. With a sigh of relief you unravel your paracord and use some of its fine inner strands as tinder. By scraping the striker in your bracelet against the rod you manage to generate sparks and ignite the tinder. Minutes later you are sitting in front of a fire. Now feeling warmer you decide to use the scraper as an Emergency Knife and cut off a piece of your paracored to string up a clothes line and dry your wet garments. You realize that your friends at the campsite are probably looking for you and blow your EMERGENCY WHISTLE to reveal your exact location. Should they not find you, you decide to navigate your way back to the campsite in the morning using the build-in COMPASS. Luckily you gave your friend the other Survival bracelet and within a few short hours you hear the reassuring sound of your friend’s whistle. The Paracord Bracelet could be disassembled as rope for making traps, building tents, and in a lot other emergent situations; the scraper works as a fire starter,and could used as a knife as well; Specifications: Maximum tension resistance : 550lbs The whole rope length: 126inch Bracelet size: 9inch(L) * 0.98inch(W)


  • ✔ 550LB PARACORD : The bracelet could be disassembled as rope for making traps, building tents, and in a lot other emergent situations;
  • ✔ SCRAPER&FIRE STARTER : The scraper works as a fire starter, used as a knife as well;
  • ✔ WATERPROOF COMPASS : The Build-in compass feature provides easy safety for navigation while travelling;
  • ✔ WHISTLE : The built-in whistle is clear and loud to be heard from miles away;
  • ✔ 9 INCH SIZE&10.5 FT LONG ROPE : Lifetime warranty, a perfect carry for camping, hiking, fishing and more outdoor activities,please search B01EJITTAA for a small size for women and kids.

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